Quality and craftsmanship

PGN specializes in (re) coating rollers, wheels, rolls and production of polyurethane technical mold articles.

PGN makes it with polyurethane

PGN and PolyUrethane (PU) together form a high-quality combination. PGN specializes in the (re) coating of rollers, wheels, rolls and technical molding materials. The employees of PGN have years of experience with the processing of polyurethane. Polyurethane Gieterij Nederland is a dynamic and flexible company, with years of experience with polyurethane. For you as a customer, this means a guarantee for maximum quality and a long service life.

Polyurethane as the alternative

Polyurethane has a number of properties that make it ideal as an uncompromising alternative to other raw materials. It is more durable and stronger than rubber, lighter and smoother than metal and can easier be shaped than nylon. Thanks to its composition, polyurethane is also easy to use in contact with both dry and wet foods. PGN also supplies polyurethane grades with FDA certification.

Polyurethane is ideally suited for the manufacture of industrial products for the most diverse applications. Depending on the desired hardness – PGN casts PU from 20° shore A to 60° shore D – PGN can give an answer to virtually any question and pour polyurethane in any conceivable form. We are happy to analyze a problem together with you and come up with a suitable solution.

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The production proces

PGN continuously invests in modern production environments. Computer-controlled machines and measuring equipment have become standard supports for people in the workplace. The result is a high-quality production process that has four phases: Pre-processing, casting, curing and post-processing.

First phase – Pre-treatment

For maximum adhesion between the coating to be applied and the – usually – metal surface of the roll or roller, a thorough pre-treatment is required. The old coating is removed, the roller is blasted and then an adhesive is applied.

Second phase – Casting

PGN now has 3 modern casting machines with large emissions of material. This allows PGN to handle several projects from 10 grams to about 30/35 Kg. In terms of hardness, PGN can vary between 20° Shore A and 60° Shore D.

Third phase – Curing

The curing is carried out in modern ovens. Because we are in possession of a small and a large cure oven, where we can drive with a lifting truck, we can process very small and very large and heavy products. It is a lengthy and accurate process in which the right cure time ultimately yields the desired quality.

Fourth phase – Post-processing

Finishing is performed on precision ground grinding and lathes. They can grind workpieces up to a length of 6,000 mm between the centers with a maximum diameter of 1100 mm and a weight of 5 tonnes without problems.

Measurements are carried out by computer-controlled measuring equipment and read by professionals. Very accurate tolerances of 0.01 mm are feasible, depending on the dimensions and overall condition of the metal cores. The application of a special profiling is possible on specification of the client or in combination with our advice. By using a CNC controlled grooving cutter / grinding unit, all common profile grooves and shapes can be milled or sharpened.

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